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Rolfing Testimonials

  • "Maria Cristina is probably too humble to advertise exactly how deep and wide her understanding of the human body really is. To learn from her is to understand that the poetry and the science of the body are the same. I hope she will return to us many times. If you're interested in yoga, the human body, and movement, you're going to want to move heaven and earth to study with her."
    Bernadette Birney
  • "I ran 5 miles easy this morning and will do a quicker 5 mile run this afternoon. This morning felt great! Nearly pain-free. YOU truly are a magic worker!!! Running has truly been FUN again for the past several months whereas last year, even when training for Boston, I was in pain every run and it felt like work. I really credit YOU for helping to bring the joy back into my running. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I truly believe that you are a Miracle Worker...You may even be my Personal Savior! I feel different (better!) already. Your touch and attention to my body has made a world of difference leading into this race week. I feel like I am truly ready for this race on Sunday, whereas before seeing you I was feeling a bit apprehensive and wondered if I'd be running the full 26.2 miles in pain as I did last year in Boston. Thank you for giving me this gift of openness in my body and peace of mind for this race before me. I look forward to running it with joy, and will think of you so many steps of the way. Much love and infinite thanks!"
    Tina Koneazny
  • "I am in my late 40's and for years I have physically worked my body hard through out my life and have suffered different minor traumas. I consistently have to receive massage and various bodywork just to alleviate all the aches and pains that I have learned to live with. I do Yoga but I feel stuck in my body and handicapped to really flow with grace and to deepen my practice. I have heard about Rolfing in the past but had never had the opportunity to try it. And then I met the lovely Maria Cristina through my Yoga school. I decided to work with her and commit to the 10 sessions of Rolfing. The whole approach to Rolfing is awakening to really analyze my body, my posture and my movements. For me I had so many parts of my body that were out of alignment. My arms didn't lay next to my body the same, my right foot turned out when I stood or walked just to name a few of the issues. Along with deep chronic pain. The entire overall experience was amazing and for the first time I feel strong, balanced and light in my body. My Yoga has gone two-fold to a deeper practice and the best is that I am pain free for the first time in many years. I have worked with many bodyworkers before but MC has an incredible knowledge of the Human body and the GIFT of hands on healing energy. When I stand in Tadasana now I finally understand what it feels like to be in complete harmony with balance."
    Callen Cordero

Anatomy Workshop Testimonials

  • "I have to tell you how great that class was yesterday!!! Wow! After reading all these books and looking at anatomy diagrams to get ready for my Teacher Training which were very dry… You changed my mind about anatomy big time… The body is amazing and complex and full of grace… All our lessons in life are there in our body. You blew my mind. And you are an amazing and inspiring teacher. Funny and inspiring. Really makes the stuff exciting and intriguing! And amazing to look at holistically. Not in parts… You were born to teach. And I'm so grateful that I have been lucky to have been and continue to be learning from you! If I am ever a millionth of the teacher you are I would be honored. Thank you so much María Cristina."
    Tim Gleason
  • "I asked Maria Cristina to teach Anatomy and Therapeutics at my 200 hour Teacher Training course. What she offered was so much more than her very impressive knowledge and understanding of the body. She shared deep insights and profound philosophical jewels. She presented anatomical terms in such an inspiring way that everyone’s heart was deeply moved. Her passion is contagious. Her touch is skillful and healing, sensitive and powerful. Maria Cristina is an anatomy poet. And one of the greatest gifts that she shares is her openness – the willingness to see that there is more than one way, the sensitivity with which she listens to and looks at the body that is in front of her, the receptivity and humility that are woven together with her brilliance."
    Hagar Harpak
  • "With her ebullient, generous energetic presence and rock-solid knowledge of anatomy and practice, Maria Cristina is uniquely able to teach complex topics in a way that is not only easy to understand, but also feels good. This is truly Maria Cristina's gift: to create a learning environment in which her students feel excited and comfortable opening to new depths of self-understanding, and encounter a sense of reverence for their bodies and themselves."
    Natalie Miller
    co-owner of Willow Street Yoga