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Originally developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1950’s, Rolfing is an in-depth, hands-on form of bodywork that reorganizes the body’s connective tissue to help relieve people of pain. A session involves a Rolfer™ looking at the client, evaluating how they stand and move, and then proceeding with the actual session.

The Ten Sessions:

Traditionally there are 10 sessions, each one with a different goal and focus. The sessions work every part of the body. Each session works progressively, building upon the last one. People usually try the first three, to see if they want to continue with the work.


Rolfing improves posture and helps release aches and pain. Rolfing is not a technique but an approach tailored towards each particular person using the map of the 10 sessions as a guideline. Rolfers™ focus on aligning the entire structure of the body, using their fingers, hands, knuckles and/or elbows to unbind constricted tissues or fascia. The effects from Rolfing are longer lasting and they continue even after the sessions are done. Rolfing allows us to experience gravity not as a foe but as a friend. It resets the body’s natural alignment thereby improving posture and movement and even the way we relate to self and others.

What is fascia?

Fascia is Latin for “band” or “sash.”  Fascia is very strong connective tissue made of collagen and elastin- it wraps around every muscle fiber, bundle of fibers, muscles, and muscle group. It also wraps around bones, joints, organs, nerves, blood vessels, even around the whole body, creating whole-body stocking underneath the skin. Rolfers worship fascia. We use fingers, hands, knuckles, and elbows in different parts of the body working on areas that have been constricted because of injuries, stress, trauma, illnesses, and repetitive motion, all of which tend to tighten and shorten the fascia.

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Schedule a Rolfing Session Today!

Sessions are $140.

Sessions go for an hour; sometimes a little longer. If you would like to schedule a session or for more information click below to contact Maria Cristina directly.