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María Cristina Jiménez

Certified Advanced Rolfer and Yoga Instructor

I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer and a Yoga Instructor, specializing in relieving pain.

I see mostly yogis and athletes in my work, and my passion lies in working with trauma survivors. I graduated from the Rolfing Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 2013, and became a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 2016. I apprenticed for over two years with Jan Sultan, a Rolfer trained by Dr. Rolf herself. I am currently studying CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.

I have practiced Yoga since my Grandmother taught me as a young girl growing up in Puerto Rico. I became a Certified Yoga instructor in 2001, and in my 15-plus years of teaching, have collaborated in over 40 different Teacher Trainings nationally. I regularly teach anatomy workshops for yoga teachers.

My philosophy is that the body cares more about safety than posture. How we stand and move reflects what we have been through and what has happened to us over our lifetime. Our body itself is an autobiography, still being written. PTSD is not a disorder but an elegant way our body has devised to help us cope with overwhelming life events. Our aches, tightness, and spasms, were –for the most part–strategies and compensatory mechanisms designed by the body to help us out. So when I work, I do so with utmost respect towards the body, moving slowly, with curiosity and awareness. I am honored to be part of someone’s healing journey, knowing that ultimately I am not a healer but an educator, helping remove restrictions thus allowing the inner healer which lives inside all of us emerge.